My Contribution  

(Article by Roy Haywood)

Here is my Jam story. Every time you played Sheffield I would be waiting for the doors to open to enjoy the sound check and occasionally get to speak to one if not all of you. After one particular gig at The University I believe May 79 you played there two nights back to back. After the second night when the gig had finished I hung around watching the roadies take the gear down. To my amazement someone jumped on stage and ran off with Paul’s sweat towel. A second later someone else jumped up and nicked Bruce’s. I was a coward so I asked very nicely one of the roadies for yours. He said he couldn’t give it me as he’d get in trouble. I was too shy or scared to climb on and steal it so I kept on asking him. Eventually he picked it up and threw it at me and told me to f*ck off lol.

Fast forward to 1988. Newly married, mortgage etc lovely house that needs decorating. By this time your towel had been my prized possession for nine years (yes I know that is very sad now but didn’t realise it back then) Now I came home from work one day and my ex-wife proudly informed me, “I’ve just finished wallpapering the back bedroom. I cut that dirty old towel in your wardrobe up and used it to wipe the paste off the paper. I hope you don’t mind”

Laugh I was totally devastated
Incidentally that isn’t why I divorced her ha ha

Cheers for memories, Rick. The book was fantastic.

(Article by Roy Haywood)