My Contribution  

In 1980

My contribution is probably a common one. In 1980 whilst you were recording Sound Effects Myself and three other guys from Essex/East London travelled on our scooters to shepherds bush where we’d been told of some old jewish clothes shop which would have had its heyday on the sixties but still had considerably stock from that period tucked away in shepherds bush market. Im sure we got there and it was closed so decided to have a cruise up and down the Goldhawk Road recreating the scene from Quadrophenia when we spotted yourself walking from the direction of the market to Townhouse Studios.
We stopped you and were amazed to see you carrying a few lengths of 4’2’ wood! When we asked what you were doing you told us about recording sound effects and we asked if we could come along? You said not today but in a few days time so we were obviously very excited.
A few days later we all turned up and were led into the studio where we had to sit behind the producers on a couch behind the mixing desk. Paul Weller ordered a fry up before you got going and i remember a sound engineer answering the phone by saying ‘fuhrer’s bunker’ which we found amusing. You provided us with canned beer as well which we appreciated.
On the day you were recording ‘boy about town’ and i think music for the last couple but I’m not 100% if you would have worked on two tracks in one day my memory is a bit vague on that one.
One thing that stands out is that either at lunch or at the end of the day yourself Bruce and Paul along with all the engineers and producers and us watched a recording of you guys when you appeared on the Marc Bolan show in 77 singing ‘all around the world’ and taking the piss out of yourselves regarding the black and white suits.
Paul came out at lunchtime and sat on our scooters, one of us had a camera so i have the pictures if you ever want them for your site?
I vaguely remember a pool table in the lunch area and an irish pub across the road that you guys frequented quite a bit. I also remember you had corrugated iron sheets in the studio separating you from the other guys but not sure if that was for acoustic value or for show?
All in all due to our chance meeting on the Goldhawk Road we had the day of our lives and were treated royally.

Wembley Arena 1982

We attended every night of the jams last gigs at Wembley Arena buying tickets for all but one of the gigs. There were about twenty of us without tickets on the last night so we decided to rush the barrier knowing that a few would get caught which is what exactly happened, fortunately i got away with it so if i owe the jam the entrance fee I’m happy to pay now as i have the money which would have been £10.00 ?

On the subject of the last gig at the Brighton Centre obviously it was a very charged affair but afterwards we went to the Grand Hotel where you were staying where there was some kind of aftershow drinks, my mate Eric Bailey who was a chef had a few of his white tops in the back of his car and some napkins, we donned his chef garb and three of us walked past the security on the door and into the bar where we chatted to yourself and briefly Bruce. We sat down and my mate almost came to blows with Paul over some remark but Kenny defused the situation. Bruce left after twenty minutes and we had few more drinks. It was like being in a fish bowl with hundreds of faces pushed up against the windows. A funny but sad night was had.

(Article by Stephen Butler)