My Contribution  

by Andy (Dubai UAE)

I think the most memorable Jam gig I went to was at the Rainbow theatre in I recall 1979 or 80.  Me and my Mate, Rob, (can't recall his last name), had traveled to Brighton by train on one of those bank holiday rallies as both our scooters were dead, and lacked tax.  Which did not generally stop us riding around our home town, but the trip to Brighton was a must and we didn't want the law stopping our fun.  So we jumped on a train on the Friday and arrived in Brighton for a good time, If you know what I mean.  Anyway, we knew that The Jam were playing the Rainbow on the Saturday night, I am not sure but I think it was their last Gig there before it closed or was refurbished or something. So we jumped back on another train and went into London.

This is where my memory is very very sharp, as the same day Arsenal were playing Spurs at Highbury!!  So there we were standing with all the other Mods and Modettes and as you know if you have been there the Rainbow sort of stood on a forked junction.  Well the match finished and down one feeder road to this junction came a huge crowd of Gunner fans and down the other, you may have guessed, came a huge crowd of spurs fans!  So they are all shouting and singing and obviously looking for a bit of a tumble and both groups see us all stood at the front of the Rainbow!  Up goes this shout from both groups...Kill the Mods, Kill the Mods...and both groups charged down their respective roads and meet at the junction and all hell broke loose!!

Not only does each group of footie fans not realise the other was there, but many of the Mods pile in too.  Now call me chicken but I thought......."see The Jam, get nicked or worse?" so I legged it round the corner with a group of like minded people and waited for the police to arrive and the fun to die down.  Needless to say I think I made the right choice as that night I watched the best band in the world at that time, put on a stunning, explosive and highly energetic performance.

(Article by Andy (Dubai UAE)