from Clive 'Guv' Newbury..........................Michael Sobell Sports Centre.

I was living in Caerphilly, South Wales at the time ( I'm back here now! ) and drove up to the smoke to met my brother and a few of his mates who'd come up from Sheppey in Kent. My bruv was 18 then, and I was 26, both Jam mad but I was married and away from the 'London' scene whereas he was young free and single and had been to dozens of gigs by this time, me only a mere 20 or so ( a privilege that NO-ONE can ever take away though! ).

My main memories of the gig, and I hope that I'm not confusing gigs here, are -

1. Bananarama came on first doing a bad ( mime? ) to their first release- a sort of latiny number.

2. Department S were the main support and were AWESOME. Their track "Is Vic there?" sounded incredible that night and remains in my top 5 all time Best Live Tracks at a gig, and I've seen some bands!!

3. Rumours were flying around the queue about the band splitting and a crowd of girls by us were crying their eyes out.

4. Weller getting his hair off at some drunken yob who kept calling his name during "English Rose". At one time he looked as if he was getting off the stage to sort him out.

Mind you this happened at a vast number of gigs as Paul was so full of energy and wound up like a spring or a bomb ready to burst. I remember The Vapours supporting in Cardiff and not having ought else to play other than "Turning Japanese"! How many times did they play it!? I remember my specs flying into the crowd whilst po going at a gig in Brighton and people parting like the red sea to reveal them in one piece about 5 yards away. Thanks to all you guys!!

Favourite LIVE tracks ..............'A Bomb', 'Precious', 'Saturdays Kids', 'Heatwave' and , of course 'Going Underground' when thousands jumped as one, pointing fingers in the air shouting 'OI' before the 'La, la, la laaa' ( You know the bit I mean! ) I used to have all my old tickets & programs ( when available! ) but when I divorced they were all thrown out along with every bit of vinyl I ever owned!!!!!!!!
I've contented myself by trying to replace it all at boot fairs and record fairs as well as getting everything on cd. My only regret is that I got married and moved to Wales in 1977 and only moved back to Kent in 1983 and so was away from the main 'action' for the bulk of the time!! Still I managed a lot more than many and a lot is still fresh in my mind - if not a little jumbled. When I talk to younger mates in bands etc. who are big JAM fans but were too young to have known the band. I realise how lucky we were.

Saw Weller recently solo in Cardiff. He was THE MAN and was SO GOOD. He played 'English Rose' and 'That's Entertainment' and it was good to see that at least half of the audience were under 30, but there were a hell of a lot of us old codgers there!!!
All the best Clive 'Guv' Newbury - July 2001