MAY 2004

Rick , I know you must get e-mails off numerous people , each with their own memories of The Jam , but I guess everyone's individual take on those fantastic times are unique , and personal enough to deserve to be shared , and it was with this in mind I felt the need to send some of mine !.

Reading hundreds of comments , and joining in numerous conversations through the years , I realise how lucky I am to have even seen The Jam , I talk to so many fans who were simply too young to have had the privilege of witnessing easily the greatest 'live' band I've ever seen.

I still recall being at school , listening to records in my bedroom , when a pal who always seemed to be one step ahead musically insisted I must listen to 'All around the world'. I did , and that was it , from then , until my dying day , totally , and utterly KNEW what music can do to the emotions. From that moment on I have been a Jam fanatic , and here I am now , weeks away from my 40th birthday , typing this , and playing ' Setting sons ' ( original vinyl version of course ! ).

Too many memories from the gigs I was at to recall , but for me , getting on the barrier for the Liverpool Royal Court gig 1981 , the 'one-off' benefit gig , was awesome , I felt so lucky to be in the crowd ( pardon the pun ) when ' Funeral pyre ' was played 'live' for the very first time , and to be so close to the power the three of you collectively were capable of , just blew my mind , every now and then I can think hard to that night , and for a fleeting second , it is exactly as it was that night , an adrenalin rush like no other , truly magnificent.

I'm glad I know what you're up to these days , I hated the years when I used to wonder what you were up to , but had no idea ! , and you seem to be in top spirits , and openly proud to be the drummer in the best band ever ( as well you should be of course ! ) , it's funny that you became the one who's autograph became the most cherished ( for instance , I have absolutely every vinyl released in the UK , and lots from the US and Japan , but none of 'em signed by your good self Rick ! ) , and I would LOVE one day to chat to you on various Jam subjects , and hear your view on things that captivate my imagination from those heady days ( over a beer , naturally ! ) , well I've self-indulged long enough here ! , thanks for reading through this Rick , hope it wasn't merely a repeat of stuff you've heard a thousand times before !.

Very best wishes , from a very grateful punter ,

Dave Vaughan.