from Debbie Healy................................ London.

I have so many memories of those great days. I first saw The Jam at Wembley Arena in 1977 when they were somewhere on the bill supporting The Clash and from then on I was fan. We would catch them anywhere they played around London. The best gigs I remember was when they used to go under different names at the Marquee and on one of them they were called Johns Boys, after Paul's dad of course.

We spotted it in the NME and we were down there like a shot. That was a brilliant night, like any Jam gig. My favourite venue was always the Rainbow though. We were even on a school trip to Paris once, and The Jam were playing at a venue there so we managed to sneak out and see them. If we didn't have a ticket, we would hang around all day, going to the sound check and hoping someone would have a ticket. We were recognised by most of the roadies and even used to have cups of tea with Pauls girlfriend then, Gill

Paul's Mum used to always speak to us, once letting us into the dressing room after one of their Hammersmith gigs, as it was freezing outside. They were great days, bunking off school and hanging about outside the Townhouse Studios when they were recording. I have never experienced another show like a Jam gig. Anyone who was not fortunate enough to see them live, have missed something very special. The buzz and the stomach churns I used to get just before they appeared on stage I will never forget. They were a brilliant days.

Debbie Healy - London, January 2002