From Glenn Wood..........................

Why did Why did the Jam split, in my opinion its down to one man, Andy Widd. Andy Widd I hear you ask, who the F**k is he. Let me take you back to December 1982, the lads are coming to the end of their Bucket and spade tour and Andy and me have got tickets to see them at the Spa Royal Hall in Bridlington. We had been looking forward to it for weeks both being avid fans. I've toyed with the idea of going on the Scooter but the lack of MOT, tax and insurance and the prospect of a sixty mile ride in December curbs any enthusiasm I had mustered. In the end my future Brother in law Roz came as well, three on a Lambi !! not cool at all.

There we were all dressed up just an hour's drive in my VW Beetle to see our heroes, with a selection of Jam tapes to get us in the mood. As we turned the corner and dropped down to the venue there are plenty of scooters lined up, brave souls.

In the hall we get the lagers in and eye up the fine selection of clothing on display, Parka's, Fred Perry's, Striped Blazers and Tinted Glasses ( Just like Paul on the Start Vid).

I can't tell you what they played but we were jumping up and down with the best, in a break between songs well into the gig Andy Widd turns to me and says "They are playing a lot of old stuff, I hope they're not splitting up" Don't even think it I replied, but sure enough soon after it was over. Andy had given them the kiss of death.

In December 2003 Andy, me and my Wife Sharron were in a pub on the outskirts of Leeds City centre watching "The Jamm" tribute band, twenty years older but still jumping up and down and reminiscing about such a night in a small coastal Town when he was the cause of the end of The Jam. Widdy, how can you live with yourself!!!!!

Glenn From Leeds