from Harry Redmon III................................ Austin, Texas

I remember seeing the Jam at Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin, Texas in 1979, or 1980. I was in college at the time, and having devoured all print info available at the time on the band, I knew that Paul's father was their manager. I had a Batman T-shirt that I wanted to give Paul, so I searched out John Weller to give it to him for me.

The show was excellent, but I think the Jam's meaning was lost on some of the hippies and bikers that somehow showed up and did not know what they were in for. In the end, John took me and a bunch of my New Orleans buddies backstage to meet the band. Gibby Hanes of The Butthole Surfers was with us ( he was a classmate of mine at Trinity University in San Antonio, and was not yet a rock star ) We were totally blown away by an invitation to accompany the band to the bar at their hotel.

One thing I remember was that "Going Underground" had just been released as a single, and Bruce was disappointed that "Dreams Of Children" was on the B-side... ( the show opened with that number ) Afterwards, Bruce kept shaking his head, saying "It was supposed to be a double-A". And when I requested Paul to perform "English Rose" on an acoustic guitar at the bar, he did not say no, but he just smiled, and we all laughed....I'll never forget that night. What a band.What a show.

Hal Redmon New Orleans - June 2001