From Ian Synnott.....................

Looking back, it's hard to explain just how important The Jam were, I mean just look at those old NME polls! Then there was the excitement as each single and album came out. You were probably the last band who released non album singles as well, which was value for money for us fans.

There was always a lot of competition at our school as to which band was the best. I remember a mate of mine, who was a paperboy, rushing into school to gloat at me the day the Jam split was in the papers. B*ST**D!! I must have been pretty intense about it all....I have made contact with friends from 20 years ago and the first thing they ask is "Still into the Jam then?

My only regret is that I never got to see you guys live. From what I've heard and read, it should have been impossible for 3 guys to make the sort of noise you did. My cousin had a ticket for the last London show but sold it to a mate rather than sell it to me. Life goes on but what a plonker!