Article by Marty Feier

I first saw the Jam at The Ritz in New York City on the Sound Affects tour in 1980(?)
If my memory serves me right, they showcased the brand new Funeral Pyre video right before the band came on. An unbelievable show with many tracks being performed from the new album and plenty of classic tracks from the past. I even managed to make my way past the bouncers and to the band. Rick was kind enough to chat a bit and spare a few of his Silk Cuts !

The following tour (The Gift), I saw the band twice, once at the Palladium in New York and then at the Orpheum in Boston. At the Palladium gig, I managed to make my way right down front. Man these guys were LOUD ! Both shows, as I recall, featured the extended band with the horn section and the sets were brilliant. The band came out after the Palladium show was over and hung out with us and a few other audience stragglers. Great Fun and Too Cool !

These gigs were priceless and out of the hundreds of concerts I have attended throughout my life, these three definitely rank at the top end of my list.

Being a young drummer and disk jockey at that time, I was influenced by Rick's playing as I thought he was one of the most interesting of the British Punk/New Wave drummers of that era. He had power and speed and his own way of throwing cool fills and cymbal accents in just at the right spots. Check out the opening to the Batman Theme on the first album. Great fills and a great groove too. Rick progressed with the band and while the music the Jam created toward the very end of their career became more palatable to main stream audiences, the band never lost its great power and originality thanks to the great rhythm section of Rick and Bruce.

Rock On Rick and Long Live The Jam !