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(Article by Pete Cole)

The Jam's music means a great deal to me. Actually, this is quite an understatement! Like most young people growing up in the late 70s-early 80s, I only knew of their chart topping hits. I was “properly” introduced to The Jam's music late 1983, when I was just 15. The introduction was by my first girlfriend Sarah Nicol of Fleet, Hampshire. She was 14. Young love!

Sarah was a short beautiful blonde Mod, complete with Parka, target patches, mod badges (The Jam, The Who, Secret Affair, The Chords etc) and regulation Lonsdale t-shirt. I borrowed “Snap” of her to start with… which to be honest was an excuse to see her again! To cut a long story short, I fell totally in love with her and The Jam. I quickly brought all the vinyl albums and loads of singles after that ( which I still have lovingly looked after ) One of my favourite songs has to be “Fly”, simply because Sarah wrote me a ‘love letter', dedicating it to me and writing all the words out as well.

I still have the note to this day, tucked away inside my “All Mod Cons” cover artwork. Sad eh? I still get sad and very nostalgic when I play or hear this song. I am actually getting a lump in my throat as I type this… music and memories go together so well. My main hobby in life is band management/promotion, which I can honestly say is STILL inspired to this day by The Jam, along with U2, Stiff Little Fingers and The Alarm / Mike Peters. It was because of this that in late 1999 that Bruce Foxton watched a band that I was managing at the time playing at the Star in Guildford . @tomika then went onto to support Stiff Little Fingers at London 's Forum in March 2000. It meant more to me than the band, as they were much younger than me!!

It was at the aftershow party, when I was chatting to Bruce and Rick Buckler, that I suddenly thought about my little Sarah… I wish I had a time machine & could go back to 1984 and tell her that I would be hanging out with two thirds of our favourite band! I wouldn't have believed it either. I told Rick about this & he asked if I could I write a piece about it for the web site? Well Rick, here it is, two years late mate!!

The following year, ‘Inter', another band I was involved with got to support ‘SLF' as well, exactly a year later, in the same place. Rick wasn't about this time. But Bruce was… that guy is soooo cool and laid back. Respect must also be due for having the same haircut for 25 years as well I have not seen or heard from Sarah since about 1986. If anyone knows her, or her whereabouts, please get in touch: -

(Article by Pete Cole)