from Rob Offord

Hey, I'm a very recent young jam fan, I've been into The Jam now for about four years, ever since my old man played some of their greatest hits in the car, which I rather enjoyed and asked my dad, who was it that he had played on the tape player? To which I got the reply 'The Jam'.

So about 2-3 weeks later I found myself in Slough shopping centre, buying my first ever album, the 'Beat Surrender' which I rushed home and put on my CD player and listened, as I did this, I felt that what Weller was saying within the songs, to a degree was what I felt especially in 'the modern world' where Weller says" I've learned more than you'll ever know", even at school I felt quit sure that one day I would be on top, and look down upon the map at the teachers who said I'd be nothing, this connected with me as many other of The Jam songs did, especially since I never really hated school and all my teachers said I would fail! how wrong they where!

I have never been a great modern music fan, all these pop lyrics out there they just don't make sense, I've always been into bands like the Stranglers, the Clash, Boomtown Rats and of course my favourite band of all time THE JAM they're great and always will be! I've spent many drunken night (after drinking a couple or three litres of cider) listening to The Jam and I think these will be the best days of my life! well which teenager wouldn't

January 2005