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ahhh the "good" old days 

(Article by Vivienne Lloyd-Williams)

Okay, so it's 1977. I am a 15 year old geeky teenager not even looking for a cause, just lost, adrift on a sea of cool girls with "pencil case" fringes and boys who play rugby. I know nothing...and I mean NOTHING... other than I just didn't bloody fit!

In a fit of ill-placed bravado, when my only friend stated that she was taking me to a Status Quo gig, I capitulate with previously unheard of vehemence..."well then, you're coming to see the Jam with me on my birthday" which was 3 days later. I'd fallen in love with All Around the World on a TOTP crammed full of pap, and now In The City was my album of choice...all night, every night. I snarled away with the best of them, alone in my mam's lounge on her "leatherette" sofa  while she tried to make me eat fish paste sandwiches.

I came, I saw, they conquered. The rest, as they, say is history. I was blown away by the power, the music, the sense of belonging. It wasn't just the energy of the band, it was the whole ambience, it pervaded every atom of my being and I could tell it did just the same to everyone else there. This was a revelation to me. Life wasn't a humdrum rolling forward of day after day, there was something more. It didn't have to have an intent or a purpose, it was enough that it just WAS..To be an "outsider" here wasn't a bad thing, it was a pre-requisite! all those bell bottomed taffs would have been snorted at here...anyone with a sense of style, a sense of "otherness", even a sense of (dare I say it) elitism, albeit elitism of the "you just don't get it" kind, was not what the outside world wanted. At least not in the 1970's valleys

Now the blue touch paper was well and truly lit and there was no turning back. Suddenly I discovered the joys of hitch-hiking (god forbid my own kids ever go there!), of turning up with a big smile and getting to watch the sound check, of being the little gopher who frankly would've skinned a tramp to have got things right, it was, all in all, the joy of feeling that I was part of something bigger and better than I'd ever experienced before.

Life changing? You betcha. And wow! How grateful am I!

Vivienne (formerly known as "Blodwyn".... those bloody roadies!) with eternal love and gratitude xxxx

ps rick I hope you don't still do those 5 sugars, and hope you finally got that red TR6 on the road lol x

(Article by
Vivienne Lloyd-Williams)