Article by Vox Man

From the first gig's, when the band did not have enough material to fill the set without repeating a few numbers, to the final show in Brighton when they had to omit somebody's favourite tune,  a Jam gig was not just a gig, but an event.

I managed to get to 30 gigs over the years, I would try and get to the sound check's, see the gig and then try and get back stage. one gig at Guildford Civic Hall I turned up for the sound check, got into this OK, but still needed tickets for the gig.  This gig was around the time “underground” was a hit, so tickets were at a premium.  It was  good job the bouncers collecting the tickets on the door were going back out reselling the tickets (not sure how anybody would have got out if the place caught fire) these guys must have made a good wedge that night.

Gig's at the Marquee were always hot, sweaty. The lines outside were always fully of youths wearing the obligatory black jackets and ties, one summer it was more than the black suits that lined Wardour st, but back bin liners due to a strike by someone or other, the stench was terrible.

I also remember a gig were the seats were ripped out at Hammersmith Odeon, by the punks at gig (the Saints and the Boys were supporting).  The Odeon staff just looked on bemused/helpless, when leaving the venue at the end of the night at lot our boys in blue were outside, but unless you were trying to walk of with a seat they had missed the main event.

Gig's at the Rainbow also stand out, just for the passion of the crowd and the performance of the band.  Reading rock was fun, I was at the front directly in front of a very angry PW, it was strange crowd of old school fans and the punks/new wave, lots of clashes.

New releases were all met with great expectations, getting the vinyl, with picture sleeve was a must, as well as listing to the John Peel sessions for any new material, the cassette I recorded of the sight and sound gig on the BBC must have stretched so much over the numerous times it got played in the car on the way to a gig.