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In 1980 I was fourteen years old, and The Jam changed my life as much as The Sex Pistols had changed the lives of others. I even learned English by listening to, and learning the lyrics. And I could be found in the streets of Paris driving a Vespa, which is far less ridiculous than wearing a Parka in Los Angeles, don't you think.

But the most important thing about The Jam to me was the realisation that there were many many more musical treasures from the past waiting for me in the record stores. 'What's the point in saying destroy' you know the line. Thanks to The Jam I discovered Motown & Stax, The Small faces and later on Jazz. Then came pre war Country Blues and even Classical music. The band had increased my curiosity, which had never ceased since.

In 1983 I found myself putting away my Jam records, disgusted by the stupidity & mediocrity of bands like The Merton Parka's, Secret Affair and so on. I could never understand how someone could love both That's Entertainment and You Need Wheels at the same time.

Those in Paris who did, my friends of the time, couldn't care less about the music. To them it was just about the clothes, memories & good times but for me it was different. The Jam gave me a love for music, all music, and are responsible for me becoming a music journalist. To cap it all I even got to interview the Wellster, and it was great. I managed to do it without coming across as a contrived fan.

Despite putting away those records I never forgot that period of my life, it was far too important. When I dug them out again in the early 90's I was struck by the sheer quality of the songs, and how they have aged so well. Life from a window still gives me a shiver down my spine, and a tear in my eye. Does it ever wear off? I don't think so.... and I still ride a Vespa 125GTR

Good luck with the web site Nicholas Ungemuth - Paris, France. January 20