The wit of Weller

Quotes From Paul

Anyone who brings out that old Sixties revivalist tag now is an obvious arsehole. We’re not reviving anything and we’re as influenced by contemporary bands as much as anything else….probably more so than we’ll admit. I still love all the Pistol singles. They are still one of my favourite ever groups.

I saw a ghost once in Italy. I was petrified….So I got up and wrote the third verse to ‘The Bitterest Pill’.

Some of the unreleased stuff’s good, although I wouldn’t say there are any unheard classics - no singles. Although there’s perhaps one that could have been. So it covers early and late material, although everything is from ’79 onwards. Anything earlier than that has either been lost or nicked, I guess!

What does George Michael expect? Live by the tabloids, die by the tabloids.

I believed then, as I believe now, that if a song still sounds good when you sit down and play it with just a voice and a guitar then you know you’ve got a good song. With ‘Eton Rifles’ I sat down and figured it all out before I played it to anyone. And I can understand how tough it can be on Rick and Bruce when I presented them with a song like that and virtually told them when to play. It must have been especially frustrating for Bruce because he has such a distinctive style. But ‘Eton Rifles’ was an exception. Most of the time all I had were rough ideas and fragments, and we’d hammer them out together, with everybody contributing ideas.

The music industry isn’t worried about politics. Their only objective is to sell records, and it makes life easier for them if you’re singing about girls and cars.

Our sound man’s always trying to get me to try new, different guitars because the Rickenbacker sound on stage is so uncontrollable, but I just go for the looks.

A lot of the songs that didn’t go on the ‘All Mod Cons’ album were fairly abstract. They were very weird, very diverse. A lot of the songs were written on the States tour and it shows! ‘Sunday Morning’ was just totally weird. It was a really ridiculous country and western type tune, the sort of thing that Bert Weedon would do! ‘I Want To Paint’ was like this great fucking poem that was to be read out against the backing of a strummed A chord. Very weird stuff. That was during a period when I felt that I had to be sort of clever when I wrote, which is the wrong idea to have, really. There were some very pretentious songs, a lot of clever lyrics which would mean nothing more to anyone. It wasn’t really The Jam. It wasn’t us…and we were thankful when the album was scrapped.