1st 1978 The band's publicity gathers pace, and they are featured on the cover of Beat Instrumental.

3rd 1975 As their reputation begins to spread the band start being booked at the big local venues, such as Fleet County Club.

4th 1975 Followed by the New Year Party at Leatherhead Football Club.

6th 1979 A short 4 years later, at the music press awards - All Mod Cons wins Best Album, The Jam are second 'Best British Band'.

10th 1975 The band, Weller, Buckler and Brooks, audition for EMI in the Woking Working Mens Club

10th 1981 Front page of Record Mirror after sweeping the polls in their Rock & Pop awards.

14th 1982 Twink takes the now famous Running on the Spot photographs for The Gift album cover, on the roof of Air Studios, London.

22nd 1974 Weller - 16, Brookes - 16, Buckler - 17, audition for the weekend gig at Michael's Club in Woking, and are booked.

22nd 1977 The Jam play at the Marquee in Wardour Street, Chris Parry A & R man at Polydor is watching.

25th 1980 Riot Stories, The Jam's publishing company, is formed.

25th 1977 At the 100 club in Oxford Street, annoyed by crap remarks, Paul burns on stage a copy of the hit Fanzine Sniffin' Glue.

26th 1974 The Band's first real booking. Brook's, Buckler and Weller ( on Bass ) play at Michael's in Woking.

29th 1977 The first demo session at Polydor is cancelled due to the IRA bomb in Oxford Street, London.

29th 1982 Double A sided Town called Malice / Precious is released, and goes straight to Number 1.

30th 1981 That's Entertainment is released in Germany, surprisingly making it to number 21 in the UK charts on the amount of imports sold alone.