1st 1991 Nearly ten years after the last recordings and The Jam's Greatest Hits Album is at Number 2 in the charts.

6th 1975 Steve Brookes leaves the band after injuring his thumb carrying an amp out of The Croydon Greyhound.

8th 1977 The Jam appear live on The Marc Bolan TV Show. The Glam Rocker looks bemused as the young 'punks' play All Around the World.

8th 1977 All Around the World gives the band their first top 20 hit single in the UK.

9th 1975 Hasty auditions are arranged in Woking, but no suitable replacement for Steve Brookes can be found, so they settle as a trio instead.

14th 1982 On holiday in Italy, Paul decides he is going to leave the band.

15th 1976 An advert appears in the music press. The Jam are looking for a Tamla Motown / R&B influenced keyboard player. Bob Gray is hired.

15th 1996 The Jam Box set, all 117 songs are released and sell in record numbers for a collection of it's kind.

19th 1977 The second of the famed John Peel Sessions for Radio One.

22nd 1980 The band, fresh from a Japanese tour, play a fund raising gig at Guildford Civic for a Woking Youth Club.

23rd 1980 The Sound Affects sessions begin at the Townhouse Studio's, in Shepherds Bush, London.

28th 1975 Paul writes Non Stop Dancing after a Northern Soul all nighter at Woking's Bisley Pavilion.

30th 1978 The Jam begin their 'Seaside Tour' but still insist on starting it at Guildford Civic, 50 miles from the nearest Seaside.