1st 1978 Played live for Radio 1's 'In Concert' series. The recordings debut Billy Hunt and are later bootlegged.

5th 1978 Another live radio appearence with Kid Jensen ( The Night, A Bomb & News of The World )

7th 1977 The Jam's first UK Tour starts at Barbarella's in Birmingham.

8th 1973 Paul Buckler joins (John) Paul Weller and The Jam is taking shape. Starts being called Rick (his middle name) to avoid confusion with Paul who prefers not to be called John, his given name.

12th 1977 Headline a Queen's Silver Jubilee Festival at Stamford Bridge, London - The home of Chelsea Football Club.

11th 1982 Just Who Is The 5 O'clock Hero reaches number 8 as a Dutch import becoming Britain's biggest ever import single.

16th 1979 Former member Steve Brookes opens a music shop near Woking, and the band attend to promote the launch.

19th 1979 Mick Talbot's Merton Parka's plays with The Jam at a gig in Soho's Upstairs at Ronnie Scott's.

25th 1980 Paul plays guitar on Peter Gabriel's chart topping album 'And Through The Wire'