1st 1999 A tribute album to The Jam, by the major star's of the day, is released.

2nd 1979 The Jam play the first of several secret gig's billed as Johns Boy's at The Marquee in Wardour Street, London.

3rd 1978 The defining album of the 1970's is released. All Mod Cons is a major success and The Jam establish themselves.

5th 1982 The band headline the first edition of Channel 4's The Tube and play 8 tracks live.

6th 1981 The Jam gather at George Martin's AIR Studio's to record demos for what becomes the final album The Gift.

11th 1980 Paul finally meets up with his hero Pete Townshend, and finds they have little or nothing in common.

16th 1979 Fourth album Setting Sons is released to critical acclaim and peaks at number 4 in the UK charts.

17th 1974 Play a high profile gig at HM Coldingly Prison, high security prison just outside Woking, and had to share a dressing room with a drag act.

18th 1977 Second album This is the Modern World is released to a mixed reaction and peaks at number 22 in the charts.

19th 1977 Weller starts a fight with an Australian Rugby team's accountant, and spends the night in jail. The now famous 'Paul Weller is Innocent' is chalked onto the steps of the Crown Court house where he was fined.

25th 1982 The final tour begins at the Glasgow Apollo, the fans make their feelings felt in no uncertain terms.

26th 1982 Last song Beat Surrender is released and predictably charts straight in at number one.

28th 1982 Sound Affects is released in England. It becomes a world wide Hit.

29th 1978 The Jam headline the Great British Music Festival, a 3 day affair at Wembley.

30th 1981 Paul Weller attends and reads at the Poetry Olympics at The Young Vic in London's Waterloo.

30th 1976 Keyboard player Bob Gray leaves after only a few months and once again The Jam are a three piece band. The same had happened twice before when Dave Waller & Steve Brookes' departures had reduced them to a threesome.