3rd 1973 The band enter a Finchley Road studio to record early demo of Some Kinda Loving & Making My Way Back Home.

6th 1978 Down in The Tube Station is released, making it to only number 15 in the UK chart.

10th 1977 The second single The Modern World is released, reaching number 22 in the UK charts.

16th 1976 A famous impromptu gig in Soho Market earns The Jam much needed music press coverage, and an audience including The Clash.

16th 1981 Paul's homage to the Colin McInnes novel, Absolute Beginners, is released and reached number 4 in the UK chart. The song is originally called Skirt.

17th 1981 Paul Weller agrees to finance two new record labels, Jamming and Respond Records.

21st 1976 The band play a support role to The Sex Pistols in Dunstable, experimenting with a keyboard player, Bob Gray, for the first time.

23rd 1981 The Jam play a CND benefit gig at the Rainbow, and include a cover of Sandie Shaw's Long Live Love.

24th 1981 The band play a CND fund raising gig on the back of a lorry at London's Embankment.

25th 1981 The band record a radio session including Absolute Beginners, Tales from the Riverbank, Sweet Soul Music and Funeral Pyre.

26th 1979 Eton Rifles explodes into the charts at number 3. Famously written whilst on holiday in a caravan at Selsey Bill.

30th 1982 News of the impending split is leaked and the Band are forced to make a statement confirming it is true. A 'Save The Jam' campaign was immediately launched.